Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Every year, we try to go out to eat and celebrate God bringing us to live/work in South Africa.

Feb 28th marked seven years.  It doesn't feel like that long.  Time has gone by so fast with lots of incredibly memories.  Our children have lived here longer than in the States.  Kyle and I have lived more of our married life, here than at "home".  But, even after these 7 years there are still some days when we feel like we don't belong or don't have a clue as to what we are doing!  So, we try to take time out as a family and talk about this "journey".  It impacts each of us differently.  There are so many joys, but also a few heartaches.

I'll share some of the things we talked about:

Question #1- What to you is extra special about living in South Africa?
        Kyle- Going to the game park.  Traveling to places on my motorcycle
        Heather- traveling to some beautiful places in the country
        Abby- participating in Rhythmic gymnastics
        Emily- being a part of the Rhythmic gymnastic team
        Natalie- warm weather to swim

Question #2- What do you not like about living in South Africa?
        Kyle- the crime and being away from family
        Heather- my answer was the same as Kyle's
        Abby- lack of safety and so many different language barriers
        Emily- seeing so much suffering
        Natalie- didn't really have one :)

Question #3- What do you look forward to in this next year?
        Kyle- building into other people and pastors
        Heather- there are lots of events coming up like, my parents visiting in April, a trip home in July, Regional Conference in Oct
        Abby- making new friends
        Emily- making new friends and helping new pastors
        Natalie- playing

At Mugg N Bean waiting for our sandwiches.  We thought we were going to enjoy a nice cool lunch, but it was sooooo hot outside that the air conditioners for the mall couldn't keep up.  It was so sticky in that booth :) 

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