Saturday, April 11, 2009

The ladies out at the orphanage have diligently been working on their baking skills. Mostly baking bread and making cakes and cupcakes with a simple glaze frosting. I promised to eventually teach them to make frosting and "fancy" designs on the cakes. Today was that day!
The ladies were all gathered at 9am (before I had even arrived) and had told the kids that they were making Birthday Cakes.
The ladies jumped right in with reading the recipe (they are getting quite good at that.) and whipping up the frosting. Then came the "ohhs and aahhs" as they all had a taste.
The picture right above is of them practicing with the decorating bags on plates. We then switched to the real cake and they all took a turn adding their own decorations.
They were so proud of the final product and promised to keep practicing.
The baked goods that are made by the women at the orphanage have two purposes. First, they are able to make some nice things for the children and second, they sell them to their surrounding neighbors to bring in a small profit.
Teaching the baking classes has been a fun way for me to get to know these incredible women, practice my Zulu and teach tangible skills.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some things are hard to get used to

LIKE the change of seasons being flip-flopped!
Easter is just around the corner, so the girls and I headed into the stores to find Easter dresses. In my mind, I knew it was the fall season here, but in my heart I envisioned light pick and purple Easter dresses that go with spring.
Lucky for me, Abby and Emily don't really remember spring Easter dresses and all the Fall dresses here were a huge hit.