Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New experiences

My heart is anxious and it has felt as if the whole day has been spent in petition of God's incredible peace. What should be a simple thing, starting off with a house helper who will also be a language helper, has turned into almost a source of dread.
Why? I'm not quite sure. Some of it probably stems from cultural difference, some from unforeseen expectations and some from my own sinful worry. Language learning is a daunting task for me, mostly out of fear of failure! What would become of the ministry is I don't learn the language?
God has blessed Kyle with a wonderful language helper (in the picture they are practicing words for dirt and stones, etc). Wiseman is a joy to have in our home! He comes from the rural farms. His son still lives out there with the Grandfather for safety. Wiseman sees him once a month or so. His wife and baby died about a year ago, yet the smile that shines on his face is so genuine!
He came to the city looking for his mother who had left when he was young. He did find his mom (HIV + and with multiple other children), but she has treated him very poorly. Yet, he still tries to provide for her and be caring in spite of her cruelty.
It is a joy for us to get to Friday (his pay day) and hand over his earned wages. One day, we returned some of it saying that it was too much . . . yet, we would be willing to pay so much more for what we are learning!