Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The shipment just arrived!  One whole wall in our garage is now stacked with donated food from different sources.  This last arrival is 54 boxes (brown boxes in the picture) full of bags of specially formulated food to be boiled in water.  The meal packets are a combination of good fibers, protein and extra vitamins and minerals.  We've started using these for lunch in the Care Home.  The workers add a little onion, tomato, or green pepper AND it's so yummy.

Not only do we use the food every day at the Care Home, but we also send patients home with packets.  Most patients go back home to absolutely nothing!  It is such a blessing to send them home with some nutritious meals.

A huge THANK YOU to Pastor Dean Graber and Great River Hospice, Burlington, Iowa

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A huge thanks to EVERYONE for all the prayers concerning my surgery in Cape Town.  God's hand was seen so clearly as He directed events and conversations.

To fly the family to a new town, stay in an unfamiliar place, have surgery with an unknown outcome was a little daunting.  BUT, God had gone before us.  Through the missionaries on the Cape Town team, our needs were met- beyond our expectations!
-A member of a missionary's church offered their sea side cottage for our two week stay, another church member lent us their extra vehicle.
-People arranged airport pick up and drop off.
-Missionaries watched our children during the surgery and kept the kids and Kyle overnight.
-Friends of friends let Kyle and I stay the night before surgery at their house because they lived just a              
     few minutes from the hospital. (the cottage we were staying at was an hour drive from the hospital)
-Even the surgeon and hospital has handled through others who could guide and direct us.

Kyle and the girls had a great time exploring the coast and hiking.  It was great weather the first week, and incredibly cold and rainy the second week.

Recovery has been interesting!  There's numbness, lingering nerve pain and a left lower lip that just won't respond to my prompting :)  The doc told me to give it three months before deciding what might be permanent.  Please pray for my patience as I struggle to pronounce some words and deal with the pain.