Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Background information:  Pastor Paulos works in eNseleni pastoring the Nseleni Baptist Church.  We were introduced to him awhile back and he's been a huge help explaining Zulu culture, helping us with language and introducing us to the community.  Three of our workers attend his church and our church, Calvary Baptist, donates weekly to their orphan feeding program.

So back to the opportunity to help out . . .

Pastor Paulos became aware of area in the town next door without a gospel presence.  After some prayer, they decided to plant a church.  For the month of October, they held tent meetings every night! People from their church slept in the tent and stayed there all day to be around to chat with people and continue ministering.  One of the outreaches they held was a health awareness "clinic".  Paulos's wife, Nelli, works for an eye doctor, she agreed to bring her testing machine out to the tent for vision screenings.  We brought out two of our Care Home workers to do blood pressures and check blood sugars and I did mini assessments on the children.

It was so much fun!

The best part for me was seeing our workers use their skills for ministry and love it.  Thuli kept coming to me just to say she was having so much fun and Zinhle found a way to make every person smile.  On the ride home, they thanked us for the opportunity and expressed how enjoyable it was to "help out".

Nelli told that the church plant is going very well.  30 people so far have come to know the Lord! Their next step is to build a little building on the property and carry on with weekly services.

Please pray for this baby church and their leaders that God would give them boldness and keep them safe!

 Taking blood sugars.  Diabetes is a huge issue because of a diet mainly of starch

 Area around the church plant

 Holding a little guy while his mom gets her eyes checked

 Nelli is wearing the dark blue jacket

 Checking out the little ones

 Thuli getting ready to take blood pressures

 Zinhle checking blood sugars

Area across from the church plant