Monday, October 26, 2015

The Low-Down on Dar and My Last Blog Post

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania . . . our new home!

I can't say enough thanks to all of you who prayed for our transition to Tanzania.  God has been so good and has poured out abundant grace.  We've slid into life here quite easily and feel that all of us have navigated the changes well.

- The Tanzanian people are so friendly and the bigger missionary community has welcomed us with open arms.

- The girls are enjoying Haven of Peace Academy and meeting lots of kids.

- I'm enjoying all the fresh fruits and veggies and it's great living by the ocean again.

There are a lot of similarities to South Africa- a lot of same foods in the grocery stores, driving on the same side of the road, the heat, many of the same plants and animals.

But, there are also a lot of differences.  I have to soak my fruits and veggies in a wash before we can eat them.  The stores have a smaller selection of things and cost a lot more.  We have to dress a lot more conservatively.  Traffic is CRAZY!

The girls love the opportunity to ride in a bajaj!

 Kyle is settling into his role as Regional Administrator and we are both enjoying getting to know the missionary families.  Coming up in December, all of us will be traveling out to South Sudan to visit the missionaries there.  We are looking forward to seeing where they work and learning about what God is doing in that war torn country.

This leads me into why this is my last blog post . . . 

The nature of our ministry is ministering to other missionaries.  Kyle and I are so incredibly excited about this and love the opportunity to build into others.  In South Africa, blogging on our ministry and life was a chance for me to share what we were doing.  Now that things have shifted a bit, our ministry is involves other people's stories.  I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing in a blog what is going on in others' lives.   I will continue though to post our adventures on Facebook.  If you would like to get our email updates, please contact us at

Thanks for all your prayers!

Our first temporary house