Friday, July 29, 2011

Abby's 9th Birthday

Abby's 9th birthday fell right in the middle of us working at Junior Youth Camp. This worked out well because one of her friends lives on the camp property and offered to "host" the party in her home. So, we took down a cake and presents and celebrated away from home. What a blessing she is to us and a joy to raise!

The first pic is of her waiting to receive a gift. That gift is the next pic- her rhythmic gymnastics hoop. She was so excited because the friend sitting beside her is also in rhythmic and could show her some of the things she will be learning with the hoop.

Working at Junior Youth Camp

Natalie napping in her little tent.
Emily helping in the snack shop.
Sorting the med kit.
Kyle overseeing the games.

Junior Youth Camp- a highlight of our year. Every year kids from about 10 different churches gather for 3 days of camp. Bible messages, games, food, late nights and lots of craziness fill those days. This year, Kyle was camp director and I was camp nurse.

Abby and Emily LOVE the time down there, running around, hanging out with the "big kids", watching the games, and helping out. Emily found her place in the snack shop handing out items.
Abby has a friend who lives on the camp property, so they spent every waking moment together, catching up and talking about rhythmic gymnastics!

Natalie, well, she was cold, but enjoyed the commotion and stayed quite entertained by everyone.