Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coronation of a new Induna

A Zulu Induna is an area leader, advisor or headman. They usually have great respect within their community and events, ministries, etc a lot of times need their permission to operate.
This is why the event on Sunday was such an honor to attend. A coronation ceremony was being held for a new Induna in Pastor Clement's area (a Zulu pastor and good friend). Since Clement was organizing the event, he asked Kyle to participate in the ceremony, sharing from the Word for about 10 minutes. A few years back, Kyle spoke at a celebration ceremony for the local king (Inkosi, head chief), this same king would also be at the ceremony.

Clement explained that having Kyle come and preach from God's Work would continue to validate what Clement is preaching out in the community. God is shining His favor on Clement and raising him up in the eyes of the people. Pastors are coming from hours away to talk with him and ask questions. Clement is being faithful to present God's Word and stand fast on the truth! It was an honor to help Clement gain favor in the eyes of the leadership by coming to speak.

We arrived at the event at 11am. I waited with Clement's wife Thuli for an hour in a "waiting" tent while Kyle sat with the local pastor's and ate meat that had been slaughtered the night before. It was great having Thuli with me the entire day because everything was in Zulu and she could help fill in the parts I didn't understand.

At noon, we were all seat in the church which was elaborately decorated. The seating arraignments were very specific! Then started about 30-45 minutes of introductions, were people stood when their names were mentioned.

Then speeches, then Zulu dancing, then more speeches, more dancing.
Then gift giving, live sheep, blankets, towels, money, a bible.

More dancing.

(By this time, I'm starving and feeling light headed)

Then Kyle's turn. The MC (a big name radio personality) introduced him (laughing) saying that Kyle would preach to them in Zulu. Everybody straightened up in their chairs and pulled out their cell phones to take pics or video :)

He first went through the greetings using the proper praise names. This always elicits cheers and laughter (respectfully). Then he brought a challenge on leadership from God's Word.

Then comes my embarrassing moment: When Kyle was finished and making his way bake to sit, the MC took over and went on a little speech. Everybody started laughing and was looking at me. I started listening closely and caught that he was talking about me, but couldn't figure out much more. Thuli was laughing so hard she couldn't tell me what he said. Finally, she gained composure and told me that he had noticed me at the beginning of the ceremony and thought that someone should take me as his wife (he even considered it), but now he realizes that I'm already taken. There was more to his little speech, but Thuli started laughing again and I couldn't understand the rest. I'm probably glad that I don't know!

Then the food- around 3:30pm- rice, stewed beef, coleslaw, beans, soda, pasta salad.

4:30pm- We decided we really needed to go and pick up the kids. Passing through the crowd to leave takes a bit of time, stopping to greet people and shake hands. Then we waited outside for while because the Induna's wife wanted to bring us a little cake to take home.

All in all, we got back home a few minutes before 6pm, so very glad to have taken part in such a special ceremony!