Friday, March 20, 2015

Routine . . . What???

There are a few words that should never go together.

Anchovies and Peanut butter

Kids and Mountain Dew

Furlough and Routine

It's so good to be back around family and friends.  To eat foods we've missed.  Freeze to death waiting for the car heater to warm up.  To remember that we can make a right turn on red. . . .

But to fit in all the fun things, family visits and church meetings- means routine goes out the window.
-bedtimes change (even the beds we're sleeping in)
-new churches every Sunday
-traveling nonstop
-last minute schedule changes
-surprise visits from friends and family

Please don't think I'm complaining.  Staying up late and laughing with family,  skipping school to play in the snow, changing plans to drive through a different state and visit a new church . . . It's great!  We wouldn't change any of it.

So, I guess I'm asking for a little grace from everybody who runs into us :)

If we seem distracted
If the kids are crazy
If I can't recall your name right away
If I'm yawning through our visit
If my soon-to-be 5 year old doesn't reply when you say Hi to her . . .

we really mean well.  We're just a bit tired and trying to soak in everything.

Soak in all the hugs, laughs, Mexican food, play dates, and conversations!