Wednesday, September 5, 2012


      Today, we took Thandi back home.  This was a moment of celebration (although Abby cried because she would miss her).  We had been working for months with the local clinic trying to get Thandi on the right medications and hoping her immune system would perk back up.  The day had finally come where she felt strong enough to head back home.  The granny at her house dug up and cleaned some carrots for Kyle (sometimes he's given avocados or mangos).

      Her going home is incredibly exciting to us, but also a little sad . . . she had become a friend.  Always with a smile, laughing at the girls and joining us in church when she felt strong enough.

       For months, she had been joining the Bible study that Kyle leads during the week at the Care Home.  She wrote down a thanks for us,

                         "I promise that I will always trust God and put Him as my first priority of my life and   pray."