Friday, May 10, 2013


Yes, I think we would all agree with this.  But, sometimes I forget and recently we were reminded how important this is.  Friendships that honor God are His gifts to us; to encourage, rebuke, come along side  AND watch out for us.

Watching out for us- that's how we saw God's gift of friendship in action recently.

A social worker had brought two patients by bus to a neighboring town for Kyle to pick up and bring to the Care Home.  We thought this a little odd, usually Kyle goes to the patients' homes to pick them up.  But none the less, we did it their way.

A week later the patients were wanting to go back home.  Our friend, Pastor Clement caught wind of this (his wife works at the Care Home) and quickly called Kyle.  He laid out a very stern warning, asking Kyle to, "Please send them back by bus and never travel to their area.  It's not safe!"

We were so thankful for his warning.  We would have never know that their community differed from all the other townships we travel in and out of.

Below is a picture of Kyle and Pastor Clement.  He has been a wonderful friend, language helper and culture teacher since 2007!