Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lesson learned

This morning after church, I approached a young Zulu girl (probably 4 years old) wanting to know if one of the ladies standing by the tea was her mother. After getting her name and exchanging greetings, I asked where her mother was at. She just shrugged. So, I asked if her mother was here at the church. Again, she just shrugged. I then got that pit-of-the-stomach feeling and asked, "umama ushonile?" Has your mother died? And she answered, "yes".

It is a harsh reality that is all too common here.

Next time, I will start the questioning by asking, "who do you live with?"

Lesson learned the hard way!

More family camp pics

Family Camp

Our first family camp with Calvary Baptist Church. What a blessed time! We spent 3 days/two nights at a summer camp type setting (dorms, dining hall, etc) and loved every moment. The whole place was fenced in, so all the kids ran free . . . and wild. It was a great time for Kyle and I to get to know people a little better and just relax in a "friendship" setting instead of a "work" setting. We played games, did skits, ate tons of food and drank a lot of coffee.
Can't wait until next year!