Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Gifts from God

The last 24 hours have been straight from God . . . opening doors and providing in ways I couldn't even image.

Yesterday, we sat down with the local hospice organization.  This is the group that will be referring patients to us.  It was a meeting to get down on paper some operating procedures and talk about admission criteria.   They are SO excited about having a safe place to provide end of life care for their HIV+ women.  Jane, their nurse administrator, will continue to follow up with the patients in our facility, meeting with me weekly and communicating with families.  This is a huge blessing.  Jane is easy to work with and is a wealth of information.  Can't wait to start building that relationship!

Second amazing part to my 24 hours  . . .  I had a meeting with an owner of a pharmacy this morning.  I had approached him about purchasing some medications at a wholesale or discounted price.  He asked me to bring in a list of needed medications and supplies.  We talked over the whole list.  He made some recommendations, offered advice and then said to give him 1 week.  He thinks he can source most of the medications FOR FREE through his drug reps.  I almost couldn't believe it.  Then he closed the meeting with offering to dispose of our medical waste, also FOR FREE.

God continues to do great things before I can even ask!