Wednesday, August 12, 2009

These last couples weeks I've been heading out with Kyle on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to the hospice support groups to teach a lesson on hand washing. This was my first lesson done all in Zulu! I was pretty excited to hear the reactions and get their feedback on my Zulu progress.

We used a product called Glow Germ which I used in nursing school and in hand washing checks at my job. The ladies would apply some of the special lotion and then wash their hands as best as they could. Then we looked at their hands with a black light and any of the remaining lotion that they didn't wash off "glowed". It was a great exercise to demonstrate how germs can hide on our hands and be tricky to wash off. We talked about how germs are spread and how they make us sick. The response was very positive and people were pretty surprised to see "glowing germs" still left around their fingernails and such.
Hopefully, God will provide more opportunities for teaching and further growth in the language!