Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smokey morning

Last night, outside of town, they burned huge fields of sugar cane. This morning, our house has been surrounded by smoke from the smoldering piles. I started out the door to hang out the laundry . . . but thought otherwise after opening the curtains and smelling the smell out the door :)
In the pic, the "cloudy" looking sky is actually all smoke.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A day full of Zulu . . . for all of us!

Today our friend Micheal came to do some work at our house and brought his 5 year old daughter, Sam (for short), to play. The first couple minutes were interesting . . . Sam doesn't speak any English. I interpreted for a bit and then left them on their own to "figure out" a way to play together. Dolls break down all language barriers with little girls and soon they were playing side by side. AND, soon I started hearing Abby using the Zulu phrases she knows! This was exciting for me to listen to and I was so proud of her for trying.
It was also great practice for me and fun being able to help her play with the girls.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Holiday Bible Club at Calvary Baptist Church

Just like an American VBS, we gather all our church people and pray for good weather during HBC week. This year we saw on average 140 kids come through our doors each day. Kyle enjoyed opening skit time, playing the character "Captain Crash" for our Rescue Zone. I helped with crafts and both of us tried to manage crowd control! It was a great week.