Monday, February 23, 2015

Less than a week . . .

It's hard to believe I'm even saying those words.

Less than a week . . . until we move from South Africa.

Less than a week . . . until we have to find a new "normal"

Less than a week . . . until our children leave the country they call home.

But, through all the goodbyes, tears and unknowns, God is showing Himself big in our lives.

He's showing Himself to be a loving God that even cares that our kids were praying for great homes for their dogs (prayer request granted).

He's showing us how to have joy even when we feel sad. . .  We are still laughing a lot!

He's teaching us that He is in control and even though we can't picture life in Tanzania.  He's got it all in His hands.

Bottom line-  Through the goodbyes we are finding joy.  It has been joyful serving in South Africa and we have lots to celebrate.

We celebrate



Beautiful Country.

God's Creation.

Please pray with us that we would continue to celebrate right up until we get on the plane March 1st!