Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Treating wounds

There have been a lot of new things here in South Africa to learn, especially in the medical area! Different drug names, cultural expressions of health and illness, beliefs about diseases, etc. There are a lot of skin conditions that I had never seen before, but are quite common here.

This week, I finally felt confident enough to take my medical bag along to the orphanage to treat wounds and discuss skin conditions with the house moms.

While I was treating one of the girls, the house moms found my stethoscope! They had a blast listening to their heartbeats and asking questions. I was great to "be of service!"

Swaziland Trip

We took a trip north to a bordering country to visit some medical missionaries. They go out 3 times a week all over the country with providing a mobile medical clinic. We were privileged to join them for a clinic day and help out however we could.

The girls had a great time playing with their 7 year old triplet boys, chasing the chickens in their yard and helping out with the clothing distribution.

I enjoyed following around Echo (a PA) and learning all that I could.

Kyle was able use his Zulu (sounds a lot like Swati which is what they speak there) and present the gospel as people came to see the doctor.

Swaziland Trip

Here's a pic of the boarder crossing. It was a little interesting!