Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Kyle and I arrived in South Africa 7 years ago.  At times we feel like it was just yesterday and many days I still count myself a "new" missionary with SOOO much to learn.

But for these past few years we've had a blessing from God living 5 minutes away-  Veteran Missionaries!

Gary and MaryJane Strange served in Kenya before coming to South Africa.  Unfortunately, they are retiring in September and heading back to the states :(  It honestly about breaks my heart.

But, here is my list of the ways they have blessed my family.

They listen to us
They come over and play dominos and eat popcorn
They babysit our children
They understand our struggles and when we miss home
They encourage us
They tell missionary stories we learn from
They give us hugs . . .  this is huge because we don't have family around
They set an example of faithfulness that spurs us on
They celebrate birthdays with us . . and Christmas . . .  and Thanksgiving . . . and Easter . . .

Thanks Gary and MaryJane for living out your lives with us these past couple years!