Friday, March 7, 2014


Birthdays are fun in our house.  March 4th is no exception!

Emily loves the days leading up to her Birthday celebration and constantly changes her mind as to what to have for dinner and dessert.  I never know what she will choose.

And that's what I love about Emily.

She's creative.  Funny.  Loves everything deeply.  And feels everything even deeper.

Her relationship with God is lived full force and the questions she asks always get me thinking.

She's constantly building something and "creating".  Her mind is always whirling.

Maybe that's why she changed her mind about a thousand times for her birthday dinner!

She settled on chicken and egg fried rice and ice cream sundays.  It was all yummy :)

What a blessing she is to our family!

 She sure loves her dog Duchess!

 Very surprised by Abby's gift

 Ice cream sundays with carmel sauce

10 years ago :)

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