Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Every Tuesday morning we go out as a family and do activities with a group of kindergarten children (see previous post 1/29/14 Abby and Emily's Ministry).

This week, it was a combined class of kindergarten and Grade 1, so there were a few new kids that didn't know us.

Greetings went well.  Actions songs went well.

Then it was time to split up into groups for reading time.  One little guy that was supposed to be in Abby's group broke out in tears, went limp and refused to go to her group.  We couldn't figure out what was wrong!  A teacher stepped in to help, talked with the child and then broke out in a big grin.

The poor little boy thought Abby, dressed smartly in a black skirt and ruffled shirt, was a nurse . . . and that she was going to give him an INJECTION!  

Not sure at all where he got that from, but soon he was smiling and sitting in her group for stories :)

No injections were given.

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