Friday, February 21, 2014


This post has been a work in progress . . .

My heart has actually been smiling for a while now, but I couldn't quite figure out how to communicate it.

When Kyle and I first started into missions, the part I would play as a nurse on the mission field was always something we assumed would happen.  Kyle didn't, and still doesn't, have any problem with me having a ministry centered around my nursing training.  It makes sense.

I'm a nurse, I love people, I love helping them =  I love ministering to people through my nursing.

But, as the Care Home ministry (where I worked as a nurse to dying HIV+ women) was coming to an end and the pastoral training program that Kyle is involved in started picking up momentum, my heart started getting excited about different things.

I was SO excited . . .  to see my husband SO excited about the potential of teaching Zulu pastors.

For the first time, I wasn't wondering what I was going to do- how was I going to use my nursing skills- how was God going to use me?

For the first time, I couldn't imagine anything more exciting or more fulfilling than supporting my husband in this new adventure.  Even if that included putting my nursing training to the sidelines for a time.

So, my heart is smiling.  Smiling because it feels so right to encourage, support and pray for my husband's ministry.  Smiling because he is smiling.  Smiling because I feel like a dark, selfish corner of my heart has been cleaned out by the Holy Spirit.

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