Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Plans change, things don't work out as expected, trying to be flexible . . .

These statements were all part the conversation in my head yesterday.

Frustrating?  YES!

Going to have a bad attitude about it?  NO! :)

Here's the story:

The girls have been asked to work with a kindergarten class on Tuesday mornings out at Pastor Clement's school (see previous post).  At the same time that they are working with the little ones, I was asked to work with a group of high schoolers that were interested in a medical career.  It was supposed to be 15-20 students for 45 minutes.  They wanted hands-on activities like learning how to clean a wound, listen to heart sounds, teaching about the immune system and basic concepts, etc.   I was more than eager to do this and set about preparing lessons and thinking through activities.

The first day had a few glitches . . . there were about 40 students and a lot of them not interested in a medical career, so they promptly tuned me out.  But, I pushed forward hoping that the next week would be the promised smaller group of students.

Attempt #2:  We arrived the second week.  The girls were all prepared for their little class, I was all prepared for my SMALLER class.  But, we were told that my class wasn't ready yet.  They would have to come get me.  Unfortunately, they didn't come to get me until 45 minutes later when the girls were done and we were supposed to be going home!  There also wasn't a smaller group for me- they were going to have me speak to the entire Grade 10.   Needless to say, Kyle spoke with Pastor Clement and it was decided that we would postpone my classes until some new classrooms (currently being built) were finished.  This would provide some more space where a smaller group could meet.

I'll admit, I was disappointed.  I was really looking forward to this teaching time and getting to know the students.  But, I look forward to what God has for me and will wait patiently :)  

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