Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This excites my heart!  Our girls have always been heavily involved in our ministry, but this is a ministry of their own :)

I've spoken about Pastor Clement quite frequently and just recently we were out to his place for a visit.  Their Christian school (reaching out to orphans and the poor) was just about to start its school year.  Pastor Clement asked Abby and Emily if they would like to be involved.  He had a need for them . . .
The school works hard to get the kids speaking English fluently.  This is hard when they are surrounded by Zulu speakers 24/7.  Clement was hoping that our girls would want to come out once a week and play games, read books, color, etc with one of the younger grades  AND do it all in English.

The girls were so excited and started planning right away!  They had some "ministry funds" to buy supplies and worked hard at talking through a schedule.

Their first day was this week on Tuesday.  The 45 minutes included- action songs, a story book, a coloring page that went along with the story book and a game that taught the English phrase, "Hi, my name is _____"

They are definitely looking forward to next week!

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