Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Eight young ladies came out for the year's first young adults activities.  This was our first time leading it, so we felt a bit like we were floundering!  But, everything seemed to go well and, minus the two that will be leaving for college, they all asked when we were scheduling the next one.

Here is the line up of what we did:
Ice breaker game called "two truths and a lie"
Big pot of soup and bread
Kyle gave a devotional
Then we closed with the game "Pit" . . . always loud and fun :)

And yes, for all those who recognized it, we did hold the event in the Care Home.

Please be praying for the next meeting in February.  We are making up little fliers to pass out at church and hoping we can catch some of the young adults that "slip in and slip out".  There is a HUGE young adult population in Richards Bay and we would love to find a way to minister to them.

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