Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Kyle just returned from a conference where he was gone 2 nights.

People often ask me if I'm afraid or worry about our safety when Kyle is gone.

I always answer, "Yes and No".

The "yes" part is because we are always on guard and always taking precautions.  The break-ins, high-jackings, murder and crimes against women are always a threat.  There is always that possibility even when you take every precaution you can think of.

BUT, the "no" part is bigger than the "yes" :)  The "no" part involves God.

Our lives are in God's hands, our safety is in God's hands.  That gives me incredible peace when home alone.  The girls and I have tea parties, watch princess movies and eat ice cream.  I sleep well and long. Precautions- yes, fears- no.

Some of you then ask, "what precautions do you take?"

At night:  one dog sleeps outside, one dog sleeps inside down the hall with the bedrooms
                our house alarm calls an armed response guard
                our doors have gates and our windows have bars
                we sleep with mace in arms reach

Below is a pic of the things at my bedside when Kyle is gone: cell phone, keys with panic button, mace gun, lg can of mace spray

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