Friday, April 19, 2013


And a lot of times I don't understand.  But, it is such an incredible blessing when we gives us a glimpse of His divine plan.  Sometimes we get to see His reasons in the middle of our confusion or frustration.

Frustration.  That's what I was feeling.  Lots of it.  Calvary Care Home had set empty for several weeks.  No patient referrals.  How could we be in the middle of one of the largest AIDS pandemics and not have any patients?  I kept asking God this question over and over.

Then finally, the calls came and we got several referrals.  We were so excited.  We called to workers to come in and Kyle made arrangements to go pick people up.  But, it didn't go quite as planned.  A social worker had arrived at the bus stop with two grannies, not HIV+ and not sick.  They didn't fit our admittance criteria at all!  Kyle took a few minutes to think through the situation and then by the prodding of the Holy Spirit, told the two ladies that we could take them for two weeks.  He couldn't imagine putting them back on a bus when they were so excited to come.

When he told me about the two ladies, I was disappointed to say the least!  "They aren't even sick," I thought.  But then he proceeded to tell me their stories, to share what they had poured out to him . . . . The first lady had 7 children.  Five have died with AIDS and her remaining two are "sick".  She's preparing herself to bury all of her children in her lifetime.  Her heart hurts.
The second lady is caring for her grandchildren, but some of the older boys have gotten into trouble with the law.  The police have been out to her house and one of the grandsons was shot and killed.  She's not sure of the future. Her heart hurts.

Christ is the only healing for that type of hurt!  Our prayer for these strong ladies is that Christ would change their lives and give them the strength to continue. The grannies are really the ones holding the communities together.  I'm so glad He brought them to us!

Then on Thursday, Kyle goes out to get another patient.  He comes back and says, "She's 22 years old. Not HIV+.  And has had a sore throat for a year."

Here I was frustrated with God again.  Why can't we have HIV+ women who actually need our care?  I was practically shouting this in my heart!  It didn't feel like we were doing anything important.

But God had His reasons . . . .

After some thought, we decided to take the new young lady to the clinic here in Richards Bay (her clinic would only give her a pain medicine for her throat) and see if they would treat her.  Well, the clinic was able to convince her to take an HIV test and it came back positive (explains the year long sore throat) and we are now waiting for the results of some further tests.  But in the mean time, we will begin teaching what it means to live HIV+, talk about medications, and try to keep her immune system strong until she can get on medications.  Kyle will continue to the Bible lessons and we will pray that God grips her heart.

I should learn by now that God has His reasons for EVERY person that He brings to us!

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