Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Story of God's provision: 

The week before Easter, we went camping for a few days here in Richards Bay (to be close to the Care Home). The trip had its complications! The first day our car battery died and our camping "neighbour" had to help us jump start it. Then it started pouring. And rained and rained and rained. Then the car battery wouldn't start again and our friendly neighbour had to give us a jump so Kyle could go buy a new battery. And more rain. 
But, things finally dried up and we camped "normally" for a couple days, enjoying the fire, smores, and pizza pies. The morning we were packing up, Abby wandered over to the neighbour that had helped us with the car and struck up a conversation. We didn't know what all that conversation entailed, but right before we left, then man came over to say our daughter is pretty good at PR and represented the Care Home. He said the bank he works for manages a donations foundation. He asked Kyle to email some info and he would see what they could do. 
Well, today R9000 come through ($1000) with a note that said, "It is small, but it is a start". They are looking at annually giving to the Care Home. 
What a blessing and how fun to watch God work through Abby and our dead car battery!

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