Monday, November 14, 2011


I HATE dealing with conflict, just hate it.  It can make me ill and miserable.  But, working with people inevitably brings conflict.
Well, this week we had our first conflict between staff.  I got a call from the Care Home that one of the night shift wanted to sit down for a meeting because of some problems.  Patti said that if I wanted, she could handle it- that would be my easy way out :)  But, I needed to step up to the plate and be able to show that,  "yes, the buck stops here"!
So, I prayed over it, gathered my courage and headed in to sit down with the ladies.  I started the meeting explaining the Biblical way to handle conflict and our expectations at the Care Home for solving problems.
Amazingly, I was calm, not sick to my stomach and looking forward to solving any situations that bring a bad name to the Care Home or dishonor to God.  What a change from previous times that I've had to deal with conflict.  This is only the work of God, equipping me to do this job and manage the Care Home.  I'm so excited to see the other ways He will work in my life and change me through this ministry.

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