Monday, November 7, 2011

Our first patients!

November 1st we brought in our first patient.  Thursday brought us the second lady.  What a joy!  I couldn't believe it was actually happening- WE WERE OPEN!  I spent the whole week fighting back tears as I watched the care givers laughing with the ladies, reading to them from the Bible and giving compassionate care.
The first lady we admitted was someone we already knew.  My Dad and Jeff Chittenden had been out in the spring to help with some community projects.  Fixing this ladies home was one of their projects.  As she sat in the wheelchair answering some admittance questions, she asked about the two "babas"  (Dad and Jeff) that fixed her house.  Then she started to cry.  She told us she wasn't sad, just so grateful!  What an incredible opportunity to now be able to provide for her physically and offer her hope spiritually.
The picture below was taken with the patients' permission to be shared for our ministry.

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