Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spiritual Battles

I sat in a team meeting this morning with three other women.  It was our prayer time and were sharing prayer requests and talking about our ministries in a small group.
I broke down in tears, the type of crying where you can't catch your breath or talk properly!
I was trying to explain that in spite of ministry going well, in spite of happy patients who are loving hearing the Word of God; I'm feeling pushed down, like something keeps pressing on my soul.  It is a feeling I've never experienced before and has been very overwhelming.  I have been begging God to reveal the reason for this "pressure".

Well, tonight when we got home from the team meeting, Patti said she needed to share some things that she found out today at the Care Home.  Come to find out, one of the "stand-by" workers is VERY upset about not being hired for a regular shift.  Out in the community, she's speaking poorly about the Care Home and other workers  AND has been seeing a witch doctor to cast curses on the workers, so that she can have their job.  Last night, one of the workers had a scary incident that they are contributing to a curse.  The power of Satan is seen very clearly here in the workings of the witch doctors.  It keeps the people in fear, and their hearts turned from God.

But, now that this has been exposed, I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off me!  I don't think I quite expected this to reach the doors of the Care Home (how naive of me), but our God is greater!
Please pray for us as we handle this (quickly) and please pray for the protection of our family and workers.

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