Friday, November 25, 2011

2 more patients

This morning was busy and as exciting as it is to take in new patients, today broke my heart.

We arrived a the first home to find this tiny little shack, with tarps for walls and only big enough to fit the bed.  There was dirty water collected in several buckets, broken dishes, filth all around and a lingering stench.  Sitting in the middle of the bed was a young gal, very sick, with 3 little children of her own staring on.  As she gathered her things to come with us, my heart hurt for the things that must burden her; worry over her children, the need for food, sickness, unable to provide, a crumbling room.

The strength of these women to keep going in the midst of such obstacles and heartache just amazes me!  I pray that God would provide His joy and peace for these women in spite of the circumstances and that our hands would touch them with His love.

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