Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Load Shedding . . .

Or a creative way to say, "We're cutting off your electricity!"
We've been enjoying hitting the hottest part of the day and then hearing that little click, the click that means your fans are no longer going to keep you semi-cool! Or, just getting ready to cook a meal, or do laundry . . . .What a great way to practice being content and not complaining. Nobody knows for how long this will go on, but so far we've been blessed with a cool-off towards evening and a light breeze! The picture is of us eating sandwiches . . . we've ate a lot of sandwiches over the last couple weeks :)
A prayer request is for South Africa in general. As the load shedding continues, businesses suffer and the Rand weakens. People are nervous about the economy and worried about future industry. It reflects in everyday conversation!

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