Thursday, January 10, 2008


It is about a two hour drive, south and a little inland. Kyle and I went to visit a large mission base that ministers primarily to the Zulu and has some HIV/Aids ministries. We wanted a chance to practice our Zulu and also ask a lot of questions concerning their hospice house. What is amazing is that all the sudden during the drive you find yourself surrounded by beautiful mountains. The country side was absolutely stunning!
We had a wonderful time and learned a ton. I sat down in the hospice house Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. We stumbled along in broken Zulu and simple English, but could usually get our points across. I even had the chance to address the group of patients explaining why I was there and what we are up to (in Zulu non the less!).
One unexpected trial was the cold . . . and a lot of you know just how much I hate being cold! Because of being in the mountains, it was terribly colder than Richards Bay. Neither Kyle nor I came dressed properly . . . and we froze! Even Kyle slept in his jacket:) We'll know next time.

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