Friday, September 19, 2014


It is so easy to forget some of the simple truths of the Bible.  Truths that we've heard for years that probably thrilled our heart at the beginning, but have somehow faded to just a plain fact.

Wednesday night's Bible study brought this idea front and center.

Kyle leads a Bible study at the Care Home.  Sometimes there are several people there, sometimes no one.  This Wednesday- just one.

We were studying Adam and Eve's sin in the garden and talking about Genesis 3:14-15.  Kyle was unpacking how God had a redemptive plan for humans through Christ from the very beginning.  He explained that God wasn't "thrown off" by their sin and then had to scramble around for hundreds of years to come up with a plan.  No, God cursed the snake and gave a glimpse into His saving plan.

The lady there that night said, "Wow, I've never known that.  That is big.  Comforting.  I'm going to have to take a bit to think through that.  Thanks."

It is big!

It is also a fact that we sometimes forget to dwell on.  A fact that gives deep peace in uncertainty.

Nothing surprises God or sneaks up on Him.

Nothing gets out of His control and leaves Him scrambling to fix our messes.

I love watching people get excited over God's truth.  But, I also love the opportunity it gives me to become re-excited over facts that somehow have become just facts.

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Joshua said...

I should have him come on Friday night. He could get a boatload to answer!!! I do think missionaries have to have more theological training than those in the States for this reason...You have to be able to handle the ones we "assume" in the States and the "outside the box" questions you don't get in the States.