Saturday, August 23, 2014


I'm sure most of you have heard me mention Pastor Clement- a long time friend who has helped us in so many ways here in South Africa.  Below is a picture of his wife, Thuli.  A dear friend of mine.  
She worked for us at the Care Home and then worked as a private care giver in Richards Bay after the Care Home closed.  But, her heart really wanted to be at home with her husband, helping with the Christian School on their property, ministering to church members and taking care of her children.  

Since she had acquired an oven, she spoke to a tuck shop on the main road (small store that sells coke, candy, chips, cell phone minutes, etc) about selling some baked goods.  This would give her a small income and allow her to stay at home.  

Most homes out in the rural don't have ovens.  The ladies cook on electric/gas burners that sit on the kitchen counters or table.  So, baked goods are a real treat!  The shop was very keen to sell her items, but she knew she needed practice first.  She had lots of questions, like- how to cut in butter, how does a tooth pick tell you when something is done?  And, she couldn't wait to watch me separate an egg yolk from the whites.

So, we've been pouring over recipes.  The criteria- easy, yummy and cost-effective.  

It has been a lot of fun to bake with her and watch her confidence grow!  We've tried multiple variations of scones, cookies, and muffins.  She's already been baking lots of bread.

This is her kitchen space.  No running water and we can only run one electric appliance at a time.  The tubs on the table are for washing dishes.  But, isn't the oven in the back beautiful?!

Below are pictures of my drive out to Thuli's.  She lives about 35 minutes outside Richards Bay.  We've been traveling there for so many years, that most people on this road know our vehicle and smile and wave.  But, I do like having the 4x4 for when the road is flooded or I need to "push" through a crowd of guys hanging out waiting for a taxi.

This is Thuli's youngest son.  I spend most of my time there trying to get him to smile . . . so far no luck!

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