Thursday, January 10, 2013


One of the most blessed parts of furlough is family!

Hearing their stories from the past couple years you've missed, telling OLD stories that still include you and watching your children deepen their understanding of family.

This furlough, family time was a little more bitter-sweet than the last.  Probably because my kids are getting older and I feel bad for the relationships and memories that they miss out on.  Maybe partly because my Grandmothers are getting older.  There's a little bit of disappointment that I won't be around to welcome new nieces/nephews into the world this next year.

But, all these "frustrations" warm my heart in a way . . . . I LOVE the fact that I have a big, loving family who work hard while we're home to make memories for my children.  LOVE the fact that the family is expanding and new little personalities will be met on the next furlough.  And, LOVE the stories that we will take back with us and retell over the next couple years!

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