Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Do you ever fall into something that you never expected doing . . . and find yourself loving it?

After evaluating 2011, Kyle and I realized that we had hosted people in our home over 14 different times that year.  From one person staying for one night, to families, to large groups, to people staying several months.

And absolutely loved it.  Loved planning large meals, trips to the game park (elephant attacks), ministry opportunities and most of all, hearing over and over again how God is working in and through people.

Our kids love having people through the home.  It has really helped them stay connected to American culture and gives a very clear purpose to their ministry here in South Africa.

This year has already had a busy start.  Patty was living with us through the middle of Feb.  Then came two guys ministering in the schools for a week, then a college team of 18; 5 of them stayed in our home, but we organized much of their time up here and many days had the whole team camped out here :)

Who is next?  My in-laws arrive tomorrow, 3 students come in June/July, and I just got a phone message from my brother that they might be over July-ish.

Anybody else want to come?  Church missions trips, family missions trips . . . . .

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