Monday, March 26, 2012


I wish I had a dime for every question I got about my health these days.  But, the outpouring of concern has been an incredible encouragement!

YES- I am feeling better.  Incredibly better.  It has taken weeks of rest and resisting the urge to clean the house, to come right, but I think I am there.

Having to slow down has had many other benefits.
- My time with the Lord has been very sweet!  I've never had something so completely stop me in my tracks and never realized how hard it would be to lay the future in God's hands.  When would we start back up the Care Home?  When would I be able to play in the yard with the kids?  God continued to show me through His Word that His timing is perfect- He had this in His control- He wanted me to take joy in Him.
- My time with the children was very intentional.  Ever have those moments where you are only half listening to your kids?  Things had gotten so busy in our lives that I fear I was having  A LOT of those moments.  Not having much energy with mono meant that the interaction I did have with the kids needed to count.  We had great conversations and played wonderful games while I rested on the couch.

I can honestly say that God had it planned for my good.
Abby and I even got the chance for a Mother-Daughter date.

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