Friday, January 4, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thank you to all who were praying for our first Christmas here in South Africa. God provided so much joy.
We started our morning with a church service at 8am. This was an incredible time of reflecting on God's gift in Christ and focusing our hearts for the celebration of the day. Then we went home to start cooking for the lunch meal. We joined Henry and Shirley (our pastor) and their two sons for the afternoon. Ate gammon, leg of lamb and salad with fresh pineapple. Kyle tossed a rugby ball around, the girls swam in a little pool, played a little croquet and laughed a ton!
The Sunday night before New Years we had church braai and worship meeting at Henry and Shirley's home. Kyle and I provided the pudding (dessert). We brought stuff to make smores. It was so much fun to teach them all and hear things like, "we've never had anything like this before!, It's like a sandwich., It is good?" After we were all high with our sugar buzz, Henry lead us in a time of reflection over the past year and all that God has supplied. Grant and I led music and we closed the evening in prayer for the next year.
New Years eve was quite uneventful . . until midnight! Fireworks went off everywhere (there are not really any restrictions or laws), people were screaming and it went on until about 2:30am! We were a little tired the next morning.

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