Sunday, December 23, 2007

'tis the season

. . . and carrying on with tradition, I am sick! It is hard for me to remember a holiday season where I wasn't curled up under a blanket shivering and with a fever. Oh well, at least I'm consistent!
But, there's one big difference this year . . . . IT IS SO HOT! I never really thought that the temperature would make that much of difference, but it has been hard to remember that it is December and that Christmas is just a few days away. Yeah, we have up the tree and stockings. We made Christmas cookies last night and we've been playing the Christmas music all the time. But, without family, snow, and Dad's fudge, it's just not quite the same!
I think the hardest part has been hearing of our families' plans and the Christmas parties to come knowing that we won't be able to be a part of it all!
We have made some of our own special plans and are trying to add some new traditions; like scones and choc covered rusks on Christmas eve and the 8am Christmas service at church. We are having Christmas dinner with our South African partners and their family. For the first time, I'm trying to cook gammon and Shirley is making a leg of lamb.
We have been praying that God would make this first Christmas away from family special for all of us!

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