Monday, February 18, 2013


To me, having a busy, full, loud house makes my heart happy.

Trails of ants eating up the dropped food tell me it was enjoyed  . . . all through the house:)
Piles of dishes to be washed shows the kitchen was well used.
And, muddy foot prints track the fun the kids were having.

This last week, we fulfilled the list above!

Thursday brought the joy of having guests for dinner.
Friday, saw a friend come over for tea with her 3 children.
Saturday was exciting with 11 kids and several adults here while a Sunday School training went on at the church.
And, Sunday was great with a staff braai at our home after church.

Now, some of you might ask how this all works since I'm still struggling with my mono?
There are several ways that God has provided:
First, I have an amazing husband who also loves having guests over and helps a ton!
Secondly, God has gifted us with a wonderful home with lots of space for children to run and adults to fellowship.
Thirdly, I am learning my limitations and when I need to sit and join in the fellowship instead of sweeping the ants or making the second round of coffee :)

Please continue to pray for my battle with mono and wisdom as to what I can tackle and what needs to be left!

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