Monday, October 22, 2012


In celebration of our first year of work at the Care Home, we planned a braai for the staff (their choice) on Friday.  Because this was the day we took patient home and closed down for our furlough, it seemed fitting to celebrate the past year and have of time prayer and worship . . . followed by food!

The time of prayer, thanksgiving, short testimonials, gift giving all went well.  The women tried to teach Abby and me a Zulu dance (that didn't go so well).  Lots of laughing by all!

Then came the food . . . .

Most of the time when we have a braai it has more of an Africaans flavor.  This was my first time hosting a braai with all Zulu women.  

First- I had bought a bunch of rolls to put the boerewors in (standard at all the braais I've been to)- NOT ONE SINGLE lady took a roll.

Second- I put out forks and knives for the meal.  Thuli looked at me and said, "Oh, I guess we eat with a fork instead of a spoon"  (said in a very disappointed voice).  All the ladies laughed at this.  I instantly thought back to all the Zulu celebrations I've been at and YES, I was only given a spoon :)

Third- nobody used the tomato sauce- I was told this ruins the meat!

It was still a wonderful day, I'll tuck away the experience and try to do better next time :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather! My name is Nikki. I had the pleasure of meeting you and two of your daughters at the pediatrician's office today! Thank you and your daughters again for the fun conversation. I look forward to following your family's journey through your website and blog :)
(Barrack is fine, by the way. Just a cough that a few breathing treatments should clear up!)