Monday, October 1, 2012


"Firsts" - sometimes exciting, sometimes hard, sometimes they elicit of sigh of relief.

Last week was a "first" at Calvary Care Home.  A patient that we admitted on Thursday, died Saturday morning.  The workers and I know that the Care Home is a hospice facility,  we know that our job is to show God's love and compassion to dying people, but the first death was hard on everyone.  Up until this point, God has brought us respite patients, or people that have wanted to be transferred to the hospital, only to die there.  This death was our first.

After appropriate care was taken, paperwork was done and families were notified, we took a few minute to chat about the morning and how giving good care ALL the way to the end honors God.  Kyle then led a time of prayer with the workers and other patient.

We continue to pray that God would use even the hard times in the Home to spread His Word and show how much we need a Savior.  Some of our workers are HIV+ and seeing death is a harsh reminder of their terminal diagnosis.  May God work in their lives also!

On a side note, we have Cassie Hill with us right now, an newly appointed missionary to our ministry doing a survey trip.  God allowed her to see the whole spectrum of our ministry as she stepped in along side our workers to help with the care of the deceased patient.  What a blessing it will be to have her with us as soon as she raises all of her support.

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