Thursday, May 3, 2012


Change is what I've been praying for.  Change in my heart and change in one of our patient's hearts (previous post).
God provided opportunity for me to serve and then the change began . . . . in both of us I think :)

Sunday morning I always check in on the Care Home and make the grocery list before heading to music practice.  This time, I walked in to find her throwing up her morning breakfast and medications.  I rushed into the middle of things to help the staff, holding the cup of water, helping clean things up, and rubbing her back until all had settled.  Then quietly went on with the rest of my business.

Monday and Tuesday Kyle went in as normal to do the Bible studies.  She was alert and pleasant.  Wednesday, she was all smiles and even complimented him.

I came in Wednesday afternoon to do my normal routine.  She was sitting up in bed watching me very closely.  Then she started rattling off something that was too fast for me to understand, but looking directly at me.  I asked one of the staff what she said.  Thuli laughed a little then said, "She says she likes you . . . you aren't harsh.  She says you are friends."

I almost couldn't hold back the tears (and maybe I shouldn't have).  My heart was ready to explode.

My prayer is that the gospel that she hears everyday would speak even louder, now that "we are friends".


MixedMolly said...

What a wonderful moment. Thank the Lord for His work in both of your lives :)

John T. said...

this is God working through you. Thanks for being faithful.