Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Many have heard by now, but last week the doctors found a low-grade tumor in my submandibular gland.

What was supposed to be a quick doctor's visit, turned into 5 hours of different tests and waiting rooms!

Praise God, they don't think it is cancerous, but surgery to remove the gland is necessary.  Between phone calls to different missionaries, regional administrator and the ABWE physician, a decision was made to have the surgery done in Cape Town by a surgeon that comes highly recommended through another surgeon contact.

We've already seen God work in so many ways!  Within 48 hours of realizing that I needed surgery, the desired surgeon had agreed to do the surgery and we had been offered a cottage by the sea to stay in.  Within the next 48 hours, a missionary in Cape Town organized a car for us to use for the two weeks we are down there and is picking us up from the airport, Kyle is preaching in their church on Sunday (and presenting the Care Home)  AND another missionary is taking care of the girls the day I have surgery.  God is so good!

So, we will fly down there the 26th, pre-op appointment is the 29th, surgery is the 31st.  We will fly back June 10th.

As it all comes together as only God can do, I wonder why I'm still so frustrated, frustrated about having to take these two weeks out of my life, frustrated with having to shut down the Care Home- yet again, frustrated with the fluctuations with my health!  I'm still learning to rest in God's plans- not my own.  This seems to be a lesson that I'm having a hard time learning :)


Juleen Kenney said...

Not that there was ever any doubt, but this sure make it clear that God is in control of this situation! It's amazing how all the little details have come together! Sure makes it a little easier to trust in the midst of a scary situation!

Cindy Rogers said...

Such an encouragement to read your honest reports of feelings you have as you serve there. I read the report of your patient backwards and was thrilled to see God working in her heart. Even more it was impressed upon my heart how discouraged you were and how God turned that around for you. Thanks for you honest perspective. I will be praying for your upcoming surgury. Cindy