Thursday, June 10, 2010


Different everyday! That pretty much describes our furlough so far. We are half way through our 10 month furlough and enjoying almost every part (I could do without the cold weather!)
It has been an incredible joy to spend time with family, visit friends, and bring another little girl into our family.

The most consistent part of our furlough has been the Sunday speaking schedule. Whether there is one church or two churches to speak in that day, we are always on the road. It has been an incredible pleasure to see old faces and update the church families that are a part of our ministry.

The pictures describe a typical Sunday: 1) Kyle packs the car (usually a couple of trips). 2)The girls set up the display table once we get to the church. This is an incredible help! 3) Abby and Emily enjoy singing a song in Zulu. The skirts and necklaces that they wear were made by the AIDS hospice patients that we work with. 4) COLLAPSING in the car! What you don't see is that I'm usually asleep also :)

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