Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yearning to know Christ

Lily has had the opportunity to volunteer at a daycare for vulnerable children during her stay here. She's gotten to know one of the teachers names Buyi. Buyi started asking some really good questions about the Bible and wanted Lily to explain. So, she started taking her through an evangelistic Bible Study (chronological teaching of the scripture). Buyi's hunger for the Truth has been incredible and God is granting wonderful understanding to her. Buyi wanted to visit our church, so she and Lily made a plan for today and Buyi would stay for lunch. Well, the transport that she had fell through, so she had to take a taxi in to Richards Bay. From church, we went home to chat and have lunch. When she got ready to leave I asked her how much her taxi was because I wanted to give her money for her home trip. R15 was the answer (about $2). We said our goodbyes and Lily took her to the taxi rank. In the vehicle, Buyi says, "I wouldn't have asked for money, but I only have R5 on me. I didn't come just to see you, but to know Christ."
This reduced both Lily and I to tears. Her desire was so strong to learn more about Christ that she willingly came into town knowing that she didn't have enough money to get back. She said she would have looked for a friend that lived in town and asked for R10.
We are earnestly praying that she will continue to understand the scripture and submit her life to Christ.

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