Thursday, March 27, 2008

Manual labor and bleeding hands . . . .

Today was a FANTASTIC day, yet a little painful.
Kyle has been relationship building (the most important part of Zulu culture) with a Pastor named Clement. He lives out in a more rural area and their church hosts 3 little orphan homes. Kyle has had wonderful language learning experiences out there and I couldn't wait to have a chance to go.
Today was my chance!
Clement introduced me to one of the house mothers named Zodwa. She willingly agreed to let me tag along with her for the morning. We started by baking pan bread called jeqe (the "q" is pronounced like a cork popping). She gave me the directions in Zulu and I tried my best to follow them. Because a lot of the Zulu homes don't have ovens, they make bread in a pan with a hollow center that creates steam (hard to explain). While we were waiting for it to cook, we started the laundry . . . by hand. She laughed at me because I knelt down beside the tub and the Zulu women bend over the whole time. I tried that and my hamstrings about gave out on me :) Well, an hour later, my hands were raw and actually bleeding (typing right now is painful)!
But, what I gained from today is incredible. She was such a good language helper; very patient, repeated words, asked questions and let me try.
Next week I get to learn how to make "fat cake". Sounds good!

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