Thursday, December 13, 2007

A little R&R!

Our first family vacation in South Africa! What a blessing to spend some time without a computer, Zulu notes, or cell phone reception . . . and just enjoy each other's company. We spent 4 days in a place called Cape Vidal renting a little cabin (which had plenty of lizards on the walls and sand that fell from the ceiling). Cape Vidal is a game park that's also right on the Indian Ocean. It was nice to go for a drive in the AM and see rhino and hippo walking around and then go to play in some waves. The Indian Ocean is very warm and the girls are learning to keep the salt water out of their mouths :)

Our family numbered 5 for this vacation. It was a joy to have Lily join us and on one game drive when she didn't come along, the girls thought it was strange to have her seat in the car empty.
The summer is starting to heat up here. We are consistently reaching temperatures into the 90's. February is supposed to be the hottest . . . I doubt it if anyone will ever come to visit then :)
It has been hard to remember that it is the Christmas season . . . I've always spent Christmas complaining about the cold! We will be joining our South African pastor and his family for Christmas. Most of the churches here have a Christmas service at 8am on Christmas day. We are looking forward to this and the traditions that will evolve out of our new culture.

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