Saturday, March 10, 2007

We've arrived!

Praise God for the ways He continually sustains us and moves in ways we can not see!
We are actually here in South Africa working hard to get settled. So far, the adjustments have gone well and we've felt comfortable with the tasks we've needed to accomplish.
Today was our first "family day" out on our own in South Africa. We drove downtown to an open market; shopped, played on the playground, the girls got their face painted and ate icecream! Next we purused the nearest shopping mall to see all the different kinds of stores and try out some lunch.
At 4pm our "Welcome party" started and all of our team members gathered for a time of fellowship. It was great to meet some new people and reconnect with some of them that we already knew. An incredible joy for me was to watch Abby make a special friend. Elli and Abby spent the whole evening walking around hand in hand. My heart was bursting for her . . . I knew she was so happy.

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